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UXR has archived for viewing a number of the Early NDT datasheets from the original Ultrasonic Equipment manufacturers dating back to the early days of NDT starting in the late 1950's. This shows a brief historical outlook on how portable equipment back then can be compared today with the latest surface mount, LCD/Plasma Display units. This sure shows us how spoiled we all are today!

The C-Scan History pages show THE earliest c-scan images created ANYWHERE. These C-scans were made of course here in Southern California and previous home of the U.S. Based manufacturer Automation Industries/Sperry Products) who had largest installed base of C-scan equipment anywhere. Automation Industries and it's legacy and contribution to the C-Scan birth and industry are no longer with us- yet it remains another great american invention.

The NDT Training pages are under development for release in the future. UXR intends to have a complete section of FREE Ultrasonic training materials. Before you spend $100's of dollars on books and training courses- you can take a look here where we will break it down to the essentials for you, free of charge. It amazes us how most NDT instructors waste your time and money on all the mathematics (That you rarely need in real-life, day to day NDT Inspection) instead of practical "How-To" information and why ultrasonic works and acts as it does in materials.
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